Customer Stories: New Era Global Sports

June 14th 2019

New Era Global Sports are a management company that represents Footballers, Managers and Media Clients. In addition to offering the traditional agency contract negotiation and guidance, they offer a complete service by looking after their clients’ aspirations off the pitch covering life skills, wealth management, media training, future planning and everyday support.

We spoke to Lee about how he came to open an office in the Innovation Factory, his current priorities and his future ambitions for New Era Global Sports.

Why did New Era open an Office in Belfast?

I was approached by the New Era office in London who saw the scope and potential of the talent pool in the Northern Irish/Irish market to help young players establish a career path and support them to shape their futures. I have experienced this myself, when I left Northern Ireland as a sixteen-year-old boy and seeing the pitfalls that are out there and I have hopefully gained knowledge to what you need to succeed in the sport which I could draw on and pass on to my clients.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working within the timeframe of the summer transfer window which is a very busy time for the company and football agents in general. Some of our players will be signing new contracts with their clubs, some will be looking to find new challenges, and unfortunately some players will be released from their clubs. Although this is a very busy time for us, we need to ensure that all clients are happy with where they are and are satisfied going into pre-season.

I also have aspirations for our company to grow. To do this we hope to recruit new staff and look into new areas such as corporate events with some of our media clients.

What do you like about the Innovation Factory?

The facilities here are top drawer and it is a great working environment to be in. The flexibility is brilliant as having 24/7 access is beneficial to our business. Another great feature of the Innovation Factory is that it provides a natural environment to network with other companies from other sectors which can only help us develop and grow. The location is also very convenient that suits the majority of people coming from other areas of Belfast and other parts on Northern Ireland. The free parking is also a big bonus as well!

What are your ambitions for the company?

As I mentioned above, the main ambition is for the company to grow. We want to become the “go-to” sports management company for talented local male/female footballers who require representation to go to the next stage. To do this we will obviously need to recruit more staff.

Finally, we have a key interest in looking at the potential of facilitating corporate events with our media clients.

"Innovation Factory provides a natural environment to network with other companies from other sectors which can only help us develop and grow."

Lee Mudd - New Era



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