Customer Stories – Black Mountain Shared Space

March 2nd 2021

Meet our businesses: Black Mountain Shared Space

Black Mountain Shared Space is a good relations project that works to build relationships, break down barriers and develop potential in people and communities within the local area.

Their cross-community outreach delivers a wide variety of initiatives dedicated to improving quality of life, community relations and job opportunities. The organisation currently focuses on addressing the needs of the community in areas such as mental health, education, food programmes and family support.

Their team work closely with community leaders and statutory bodies with the aim of really making a difference to the area.

What Seamus Corr (Head of Black Mountain) says about IF:

“Innovation Factory’s location is perfect for our vital engagement with different communities and groups; we are a cross community organisation and need a shared space that feels safe, positive and inspiring. The facilities are excellent and we make good use of the boardroom and break out rooms, which are ideal for our group work

“The staff at IF has supported us, not only in pointing out new funding streams but also in connecting us with other tenants to work on new shared projects.”

What we say:

Shane Smith, Innovation Factory Community Engagement Manager said: “A key element of the Black Mountain Shared Space Project is their proactive connections with numerous community organisations across the divide in West Belfast as they strive to improve the lives of socially deprived families. We are delighted that that they recognise the IF facilities  as a safe and welcoming environment for their stakeholders and it is absolutely fantastic to see how Seamus and his team bring people together to work tirelessly to help those most in need.”

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