Customer Stories – Trimedika

March 2nd 2021

Meet our businesses: TriMedika Ltd

TriMedika Ltd designs, develops, manufactures and distributes innovative medical devices to leading hospitals all over the world.

Their champion device is the TRITEMP™, a non-contact, medical grade thermometer, available to healthcare professionals, to deliver greater efficiencies that will benefit patients, by reducing infection spread and eliminating plastic waste.

TriMedika continues to invest in and develop their team and processes to make a world class organisation that will make a difference to medical technology, bettering patient experience & eliminating plastic waste from our hospitals and environment.

What Julie says about IF:

“IF is a contributing factor in the increasing successes of TriMedika team’s growth and smooth operations, especially throughout the past year. They have responded brilliantly in providing Covid-safe working spaces, with consistent reminders and advice for businesses to help companies like TriMedika keep their staff safe

“There is a great mix of companies and services at IF, so it has given us an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs. We have made some great contacts and will be doing business with some of these companies in the future. Additionally, IF have helped in facilitating external meetings with key individuals within our industry.”

What we say:

Majella Barkley, Centre Director of Innovation Factory said: “TriMedika™ is making a significant contribution to the future of the National Health Service. It is incredible that a small team of Northern Ireland innovators and medical professionals are creating products that could affect the lives of NHS patients for years to come.”


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